Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is it too late to change my proposal?

During the first week I assumed I wouldn't be doing much of anything art related. I see now that was a false statement. I've found more ways to contribute to our group's capstone game project that involves a bit of modeling so that has been taking much of my time as of late, instead of my proposed well uh proposal. None the less I still wish to share the work Ive done and what I have the planned.

starting with the rendered game levels I presented in my last post, I have broken down levels into pieces. These pieces are walls, floors, pipes, grates, and etc. Each individual part would be created as a game asset and uploaded into unity, then put together to fabricate each level.

The process I took involved the following:

Creating a model of the piece without any tweak to perspective.

Within a orthographic view, modify model to create perspective that uniform between all pieces.

 Render with vectors.

Bring into an editor and make them look pretty.

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