Thursday, January 6, 2011

Project 1: Blockville

My First Renderings

     The interview with the fallout developers was helpful in that it gave a us an idea of the extras stages needed to create something that looks professional. Something that I've always struggled with is coming up with a plan or I should rather say concept. Trial and error or even just starting by getting my hands dirty has usually been approach to art and even programing. I don't wish for this to remain the same, I know that planning serves a strong and important purpose in the development cycle.
     While creating there block cities I discovered how easy it was to fool someone into thinking that these scale towns can atomically correct. I mean this in a way that you can create an illusion from a specific camera angle that looks like everything has a place a isn't logically drastically out of scale. In my first block-ville its using a very low angle aimed very high up. The way I have the geometry set up it still feels like you are standing on the sidewalk looking up at building however if you were to navigate that actual 3d space of the editor you would see that each building was proportionate and not even near each other like you would expect them to be in real life.

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